Saturday, 26 October 2013


Irish, Australian and North American are the accents I hear most in Ireland. Its quite facinating when youre talking to somene and you can tell where they are from! But there are rules when guessing where travelers originate...

1. The most important one.. If someone has a North American accent (Canadian or American) ALWAYS guess Canadian first, they will love you if you if they are in fact from Canada, and the Americans will just give you the best, most enjoyable look of confusion if you ask if they are Canadian, its great craic! Of course though, if they have a deep southern accent.. dont guess Canadian.. you just look like a travelling fool.

2. If they are French, they have a french accent, or are speaking their own version of "Frenglish", and toss in french words mid-sentence, not even realising it... they are not ALL from France! For future personal reference, there are 29 countries in the world where french is the OFFICIAL language! Then there are confused countries like good ol' Canada that like to throw in two offical languages just to mess with people.
And to my international readers... not all Canadians can speak french... so stop having a weird interest in my friend Emily and making me stand there being a translator... not the greatest way to spend an evening!

3. Coming from the land down under! Kiwi's (New Zealand folk) are very similar to Canadians in the aspect of getting irritated when people automatically guesses right away that they are Aussies! My kiwi mate told me that I should just always guess if they are from New Zealand first! And an Aussie told me that if you ask if they are from New Zealand, they'll just laugh at you.

4. Now, good ol' Ireland. Another very similar to the Canadian and Kiwi rule... Dont EVER ask if they are british.. they will quickly take away the pint they so graciously just bought you and walk away.. you may even get a few death stares throughout the night...
And on the subject of the Irish... don't ever think that the wonderful show 'Father Ted' is British... that's also just asking for your drink to be taken away!

5. If they are from Aisa... thats it. All sound the same...

I was inspiried to write about accents after last night, getting bored of my own voice, and pretending to be Australian... which I think is the easiest accent to impersonate. But I may have taken it too far after making up completely false facts about the land down under... it also came to a point, after expressing how much I love the Haka (New Zealand Rugby war dance) I managed to get an elderly man (been drinking since 1030 am) to perform The Haka in front of too many people! They best part is when I learned that his son had just arrived at the bar and was the most embarrassed 30 year old I've ever seen in my life.

It was all great fun!

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