Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Finally up to date! This will be a short entry.. I just wanted to express my love for coffee... the coffee here is just not very good at all! But today, after I arrived in DINGLE,  and checked into a hostel and did a bit our touring around,  I went into an internet cafe (now I was up until about 3 am last night and got up at 8) and this little old lady whom I could barely understand said I looked tired so she brought me a coffee on the house... THAT COFFEE CHANGED MY DAY! It was so good, it must have been 'irish' or something because it was amazing, and the cafe was so warm... ahh just the thing I needed :)


  1. Hi Sarah! I just saw your mom posted this on her FB and I had to check out your blog. ENJOY every minute of Ireland. I wanted to go to Dingle SOOOO bad. That movie "Leap Year" was said to partially be filmed there.
    The coffee most definitely sucked there but glad to you found a good cup. There might be some good stuff at the Avoca Cafe's as well. Will continue to follow if you don't mind ;)
    Lisa (from down the street)

  2. Hi Lisa, Thats actually the reason I wanted to go to Dingle! I LOVED that movie!!... I'm still waiting for my Irish man like the one in the film...
    But unfortunately, the movie actually wasn't filmed there at all. They had just claimed to be in Dingle in the movie.