Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Time to keep moving

My last night in dublin was so weird.. I went to an actual professional darts tournament. My kiwi friend (means from new Zealand) was so into it and I just couldnt understand why! I wish I could post pictures mfrom my tablet onto this blog, but it turned into one of the funniest expirience s of my life!! Crowds at these tournaments are absolutely bananas! There are jugs of beer everywhere and everyone is dressed in something obnoxious! Everyone becomes friends at whatever table youre at, and after a few pints everyone is arm in arm singing and dancing at all the dart throwers! What was before somethig I would never ever have gone to, is something that I would totally go to again.
Now something cool about these events... there are hardly any girls there(;) ), and this is a televised events... sooo lets just say I was very popular with the camera men, especially with beer goggles, 2 pints and some weird hat on...


After a week in Dublin, it was time to head down to Cork where I woukd meet up with my friend from Winnipeg , dean. Id have to stay in a hostel for just the one night, but then moved to deans couch!
The plan was to live and work in Cork.
So I spent almost a week in cork, looking at a few houses and scouting out potential jobs, until I found out that I could actually move into dean's house if I waited until the new month.

So with that information.. I packed up some of my things, left the rest at deans, and hopped on a bus :)

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