Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Take on Solo Travel Thus Far

Hello WORLD.. since recently discovering I have a dedicated reader from Russia... hmmm

I have now been on my solo travels for over a week! slowly climbing up the west coast of Ireland. Travelling alone not only has its perks... it has NO negavtives! (except for the fact that when you are alone on buses, and its raining, and people keep putting their seat in recline because they just don't understand that there is someone in the is world that is over six feet tall and has knees that when you recline into make my whole world feel like one giant Taylor Swift heartbreak song that just makes staring out the water droplet covered windows even fricken better!!) ...

But actually, I am thouroughly enjoying being alone and having no commitment to anyone else. It allows me to do whatever I want, on my time. It makes travelling much more relaxing when you don't have someone worried about bus schedules, or which hostel would be the best to stay at, or wanting to go out for a meal at a restaurant when you are perfectly capable of saving 80% of what you would spend at a restaurant by just cooking for one in the hostel.

One of the best parts, is actually when you are eating your dinner in a hostel, and there are other travellers, and you are FORCED to make friends. you learn so much, from people all over the world that just inspire you further to keep travelling. 

While in Doolin, I actually had a french-canadian roomate, and we decided to head to a local pub, that I might not have gone to if I was alone! And it ended amazingly, we bonded with the traditional irish music band, had elderly men tell us everything that people need to see in Ireland that most people never stop to see, I inturrupted the band by accidentally playing an accordian too loudly, played a 1905 concertina for the entire pub.. where I was promply boo'd off the stage and later nearly got kicked out of the hostel ...(wasn't my fault... :D )

Now that is a night that was totally unexpected and just so amazing and I am so happy that I got to meet such amazing people that I never would have spoken to had my friends been there.

At first though, solo travelling is scary, it is very intimedating and you have your mother constantly worrying about you... luckily I've accepted that no matter where I am, or who I'm with.. I can always expect an email, facebook message or text (sometimes all three) from my momma.
And, in Ireland at least, I feel so safe hoping from town to town on my own.. one of the great things about this country :)

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