Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hello again all two viewers (parents....)! 

So Emily and I took the DART (Dublin area rapid transit) out to the beautiful fishing village of Howth! It was still, quite full of tourists.. which is why to get away... you have to travel off the beaten path.... and onto a path that nearly killed Emily and had us gasping for air as we wonder when it would end.... WAS  GREAT DAY! 

So when you get to Howth, there are a few things to do, (yes, only a few) you can go fishing, hiking, or you may eat fish. Now, I didnt get to go fishing (sorry Grandpa Miller) but we head right out for our hike. When you do the cliff walk there... there is no escaping to steady flow of tourists.. up to a certain point. 

Hike one: approx 2 km
Hike two: approx 5 km
Hike three: over 10 km... AND LET ME TELL YOU... it was definitely OVER 10 km... especially what freakin off-the road-way we decided to go... and oh before I sound like it was the worst thing of my life... I secretly wanted to be hiking all day and just didnt tell Emily and managed to get her to go on the 'easy, relaxing' 10 meesly kilometer hike... heh heh heh :D (she also loved it by the way) :) 

The Pictures really are the only way to describe the unbelievable beauty that we saw... just amazing! 

So this hike was supposed to take the average person about 3.5 hours, it took us 5. But we stopped, a lot. We stopped to lay on the grass and stare at the ocean, we stopped to collect shells from a small cove beach that involved beginner rock climbing. We stopped to stare at Irish horses that was the most beautiful scene I had ever witnessed. We stopped to take a million pictures and we stopped when Emily fell off a 2.5 meter cliff to check for broken bones... she was okay :) 
happy beautiful Emily before she fell!

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