Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Kind of wish I had started this e-journal when I actually arrived in Ireland, because now I just really want to write about what I'm doing today!! But I'll get to that after re-capping some amazing times in Dublin!

As soon as Emily and I woke up from our extra-long-getting-over-jet-leg-in-one-go sleep, we dove right into the major tourists sights! It was actually a relief to see others who are carrying their maps and camera in hand, people I usually shake my head at, but thankfully I just blended right into those annoying tourists.

We walked around the city center doing the main city attractions, including;

CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL ,aka, Cathedral of the holy Trinity, (left)  founded in c1030, it really was super beautiful... from the outside! Unfortunately we didnt spare the obscenely ridiculous admission price to get into the church!
Now on the right, you'll see that the Irish have decided to add a bar to the church... not a horrible idea... :D

The Coutryard at Dublin Castle
Moving along, we walked over to the famous DUBLIN CASTLE, which.. really wasn't anything like I expected! It truly looked more like a very rich house rather than a castle.

The courtyard  left), was very beautiful!

Now you wouldn't be able to tell, but the Dublin castle actually stands on the highest grounds in the city, and at the intersection of the Liffy river and another river (that now runs under water) it was originally meant to guard the harbor.

Moving along to the next church! (Now, I really do like seeing everything there is to see in a new city that I'm visiting, and the church's, cathedrals and big old buildings have such beautiful architecture... But I am 20... and that changes my interest ever so slightly!) So we quickly look a look-sey at St Patrick Cathedral, one of the two most famous cathedrals in the city and head over to something a couple of 20 year olds would like to do... THE GUINNESS STOREHOUSE!!

So the Guinness Storehouse consists of an actually very interesting learning experience, there are lots of big beautiful displays that show how the beer is actually made, and a wonderful "Taste Experience" where you get a tiny pint of TWO DAY OLD GUINNESS and you learn how to truly enjoy it. That, ladies and gentlemen was my very first taste of Guinness.. and I'm very proud of where I experienced it! How the coolest part of the storehouse was the Gravity Bar!!! A circular bar at the very top of the building, one of the highest point in Dublin, and you can see the entire city! We were lucky to have slightly clear skys, and we were able to see the Wicklow Mountains in the distance. (Where PS I love you, was filmed.) 

We ended our touristy day with a horse drawn carriage, the old Irishmen was very sweet and it was very cheap to get back to our hostel! We decided to take the experience up one notch and wave our hands out the window in the Queens wave fashion... 

Ended the day with a Pint at a pub inside the Temple Bar area... now.. if you are looking for an Irish Experience with ABSOLUTELY NO IRISH.... go to Temple bar, the first question always asked when you are in that area is, "So, where are you from". Its Great to meet people from all over the world, however the booze is a bit more expensive! 

Its a beautiful time either way! 

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