Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Big day in Dingle

Greetings blog readers,

This post is going up right now for one reason.. to please my mother. But it was probably the absolute best day ive had so far in Ireland!!

As usual, I had absolutely no plan for the day.. I was going to look into some things and decide from therr. But when the worker man at grapevine hostel (best hostel expirience) and I got to talking, he mentioned that he knew the owners of a 'dingle horseback trekking' sooo of course... had to check it out! BUT THATS NOT HOW MY DAY ACTUALLY STARTED!

Morning... went for a nice leisurly stroll down to the dingle harbor... I was thinking on gettin in one of those touring boats, but the mornings weather was like four seasons in 3 hours...So I decided to head to oceanworld! Where I got to see sharks, giant crush turtles and penguins. I also learned that when you talk to he workers there... they kind of let you do things that arent necessarily for the public! So I got to play with stingrays! (Feel like sandpaper and have the funniest mouths) I also got to hold and feed a starfish.. they are truly disgusting how they eat! Their stomach comes out of their body, and digests it before sucking its stomach back in. Gross.

Okay! Now! They best part of the day!! I took a walk over to that horseback riding place, and I was so lucky that no one else had scheduled a ride! So the leader man, Patrick and I headed up the mountain! I was on a big black horse named Honey! Now the best part of not having anyone with us, is we could go running :D we were cantering along the top rige of the mountain, and galloping through herds of sheep that went ballistic!  It was such an amazing time! It felt like it was over so fast! Unfortunately I didnt feel safe bringing my camera on the ride., so I dont have any pictures of it :(

After my ride I was so hyped up on energy I just wanted ti do something else! Which.. maybe I shouldnt have started at 430.. but either way it ended well:)

So next door to my hostel, there is a bike rental place owned by a jolly old man. He set me up with a nice hybrid comfort bike!
So around the southern end of the peninsula,  therd is a long drive that is meant... FOR CARS.. but you know, I decided to bike it.. how hard could it be! So I was on the road into a deadly headwind coming off the ocean, and it took  me absolutly forever to get the first 10 km! I was once again so lucky to have had such amazing weather!
Once I no longer had a headwind, I felt as though I was flying... I was even singing as I rode! And then I looked at the map.. i was only half way.. now, the oictures I took are truly the only way to descride how amazingly beautiful this ride was! I stopped a lot, which added to my time. But it was worth it.. it was worth bikig it, and jumoing off the bike every so often and climbig the rock/grassy walls that lined some of the roads. I got to see things that people in cars would have never stopped for to enjoy!
The unfortunate part of solo travel is you have no one to take pictures of you! Sothe timer on my camera was well used... actually, at one point, I failed to look around when I stopped , and after posing on a rock wallm I turn to see about 15 cows, an old farmer and his two border collies staring at me... but he enjoyed the fact that I was cycling this route instead of those pesky cars driving around that he hates so much. 
I also got to watch another farmer round uo all his sheep with his collies.. it was so cool to watch and he loved that I stopped to watch. It was amazing to see the collies at work too! And have all the sheep cornered again the fence, none of them moving!
Now... I was EXHAUSTED, so unbelievably tired by the last 8 km.. so tired I had to walk my bike for a bit (embarrassing) and so tired that the smallest granny gear just wasnt cutting it. And now on top of that... soo I said I started at 430.. yes that was much too late! It started getting pretty dark, and riding through the country side there are no lights, thankfully,  part of the sky was clear and the moon was shining real bright! Also, extremely happy that the last two km were downhill into Dingle!

When I got back jnto my hostel room, I collapsed on the floor and put my lets up right away!

...and eventually I got around to cooking up some really good chicken  stew :)

I think im leaving Dingle tomorrow! Not sure where im heading yet though!

Cheers everyone!

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