Monday, 14 October 2013

Alright so lets give this blogging thing a try.. just to keep all you Canadians well informed on this Irish adventure!

So I'll start from the day I landed in Dublin, October 1st... and guess what... IT WAS RAINING.. while descending towards the airport I was so excited to see this 'emerald island' from the sky... the greenest thing anyone ever flies over.. so I hear! But this is what I saw... clouds... clouds.. HEY MORE CLOUDS!  the first thing I was able to see while descending was the beautiful scenic view of the airport runways, the clouds were THAT LOW!

Once in the airport, going through immigration was my next step, and unfortunately like all the tourists, I couldn't just pass through without any hassle, they had to ask me a series of questions followed by taking my picture. Something that no one else had to do. Sadly, it wasn't a very private area, and I had all the exhausted, frustrated tourists all lined up behind me wondering what was taking this damned girl so long, just staring and taping their feet and looking less than amused.

Luckily though, that process actually made me my first friend, Emily, another Canadian doing the exact same thing as me with the same program and everything! Insta-friends!

The rest of the day was such a blur. I got extremely lost trying to find the city center from my hostel, and had to ask a little old man whom had the strongest accent I've ever heard for directions.. I had to ask him to repeat himself several times.

The day ended early though with a 7.30 bedtime! I slept very well, however it was quite an experience going to sleep with no one else in my room and waking up in the 14 bed room.. and having every bed full! It was a little weird... I should also mention that within this 14-bed room, was one bathroom... the smallest bathroom that rarely flushed and had a shower that if I was any wider.. would definitely not fit in! But at 9 euro a night, I cannot complain too much.

okay that was the first day!

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