Monday, 21 October 2013

Sore feet and aching back. The Cliffs of Moher

Hello from Doolin!!
Doolin is a small town in Co Clare, where right now im sitting in a living room, and there is a heard of cows about ten meters from me... love it!
Im at a small little hostel called the rainbow hostel where it just feels like a nice little home. One of the best parts about small town hostels! 

Today I went to see the famous Cliffs of Moher. And they are truely as beautiful as google says they are.. but more! I took the bus there, and pulling into the parking lot I saw about 20 tour buses and about 200 cars.. ugh. Thankfully.. tour buses never stop anywhere for that long (reason one why I hate them) this means that the silly little people that are being herded like cattle (reason two) must stay in the area where the visitor center is located.  That left the miles of cliff trails available for the non cattle folk!

I first went south down the peninsula,  away from Doolin, it was about a 2.5 km walk to the very end, where there was a very small, sadly quite unimpressive 'castle'. But the end had the most amazing view you couldve had! I was able to see all the cliffs from start to mostly finish.
I must take a quick moment to mentiom the weather... It started out pouring... and as soon as I arrived at the cliffs, the clouds cleared and it was sunny... we even had two rainbows :D
I decided to hike the cliffs of moher trail back to doolin, the lady at the tourist office said it was 9 km.. but I think it was less. It was a beautiful hike and I, in total  saw 6 people! This part of the hike I did you lonesomly.. which was perfect! (its raining again...) I got to play with a bunch of horses along this one path that apparently is now illegal to be on.. but I didnt realise where I was.. oops. And I got to stick my sore feet in the ocean on the rock bay that had huge waves crashing against it!
The best part of the day was during the second rainbow appeared.. it was actually truly one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen, but the couple of people that I had been hiking with and I could not stop staring at the sigh: two aisian tour buses had recently unloaded its hostage.. they were at the head of the trail... all of them, and all saw the rainbow at the same time, and they went BANANAS OVER IT! I swear they had never seen one.. it was just crazy to watch them all!! It gave myself and my friends a big laugh for the day!!
I would like to quickly mention that tours arent actually bad if you enjoy them... to each his own. I would just rather, you know, never ever be on one!

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