Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dublin cont

When life gives  you barley.. you make beer.

So, moving on from a day in howth, I spent the day with a german fella who has been to dublin many times, but never outside of the city. So we decided to head to bray, a small town south of the city. Just like Howth, it had a cliff walk, but this time, I wasnt quite as adventerous with the length of my hike. We capped out around 6 km, and of course, with me, he had to get off that worn out popular path and I forced us to head straight up the mountain.. but it was further than I thought, and we werent moving too quickly!  Soooo we didnt quite make it to the top, but it was so beautiful! Yet again, blessed with blue skys!!

Now, at this point Emily and I had met another Canadian, shyla . And going out at night was a quickly established routine! Always starting with wine and ending with tourist men buying us drinks and wastig their money... its great to be a girl! Foolish men.

There is also the social convention in ireland to buy 'rounds' so that way everyones always getting a fresh drink at the same time! (Also... guys tend to be impressed when one girl carries three pints back to her table... another way of getting free drinks!!:o)

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